Find out about Snoqualmie Valley business women

Snoqualmie Valley is so very fortunate to be bequeathed with a vast variety of businesses, and with our community growing so fast, it is truly a wonderful thing. Pretty much everything you would need or want is right here in your backyard, and almost all the businesses in this lovely community are either locally owned or ran. They are our neighbors, our friends and even our kids’ teachers.

The women that you are about to meet are a small percentage of what Snoqualmie Valley has to offer in terms of shopping and services. By no means are they the only ones that we have, there are still more out there.

These women in business either own their companies or play a major management role in them, and a large majprioty are juggling families, are active in schools, and have civic duties, all while accomplishing their goals.

Through networking, we’re able to find out about some women in business that we didn’t even know about.

We have it all — from the CEO of your local credit union to the skate and snowboard shop for your kids’ must have needs, and literally everything in between.

Need a new car? How about insurance? Christmas is right around the corner, a family portrait would be quite nice. How about that cute little shop on the Bendigo for something unique and funky? Then you can run by to sign your escrow papers, see a movie, pop the dog in for a wash and get a new outfit. A place to rent, a home to buy, I’m sure your car could use a good cleaning.

I’m very proud to say that it’s been a pleasure to work with the 40-plus women that you are about to meet, some of them for the last six years. I can say that they are not just my clients but also my friends. They are just the tip of the iceberg, and make it a joy to shop locally and be proud of the community that I live in. So stop in, say hi and check out what Snoqualmie Valley has to offer.

I’d like to thank Genuine Image, Down to Photography, Karen McKiernan for shooting the photos and Chaplin’s of North Bend for letting the ladies use the cars in the photo shoot and Selah Gifts for the flashy bling.

I invite you to enter the world of Women In Business.

Original article in the Snoqualmie Valley Record