Promote Your Biz

There are several ways to promote your business as a member of Snoqualmie Valley Women in Business

Tabletop Sponsor. Exclusive rights to show case your business at a Lunch Meeting. 5 minutes presentation to the group. A table-top for your advertising materials, along with the exclusive right to place items advertising your business on each of the dining tables.  Gifts, giveaways, draws ~ the sky’s the limit.  Be creative! And your business is a Featured Member on the site for the whole month.

Five Dollar Holler‘ Got something to share? Whether about your business or something in the community you are passionate about. Each lunch meeting you have the opportunity to stand up for 30 seconds and pitch to the group. Bring a $5 bill and the floor is yours.

After Hours Events. Come along, bring a friend or two and enjoy a casual After Hours meet-up. Make new friends and gain new business contacts in this casual early evening setting. No registration necessary, just come along. Check the Events page for our next one.

One-on-One Each lunch meeting we have a draw for next month’s lunch FREE. To join in the fun, all you have to do is expand your contacts by meeting up with someone you meet ‘one-on-one’ between lunches. No limit to entries.

Attendance draw for free membership. Each lunch you come to, throw your business card in the box. At the November meeting a card will be drawn. The winner gets their next year membership dues paid for. The more lunches you attend, the better your chance to win, and the more people get to know you and your business.

Join the Board or Sit on a Committee ~ Gain exposure by contributing, sharing your skills and having fun. And each month a Board or Committee Member is one of the Featured Members on the site.

Sister-to-Sister ~ Happy with a service or product from one of the members?  Then get up and share your experience at the lunch meeting. 30 seconds to give a rave review. Too shy? Then write a Recommendation for your Sister on the site.

Atta-Girl ~ Not strictly business. Has one of your friends or colleagues from SVWIB done something exceptional? Maybe it’s time to give them a communal pat-on-the-back. Atta-Girls are to cheer, praise and support your fellow women.